Our Food


By sourcing locally we are able to provide the freshest food with fewer food miles. We are proud of our region and we want to support farmers, growers and artisans locally who share our passion for great food.


Our producers make half the food we sell by hand. We believe that employing, training and supporting talented food producers is better than using machines. By seeing, smelling and tasting our food we are able to keep complete control over everything we produce. This means we offer you the very best local food that is unique to us.


Over 80% of the food we sell comes from Shropshire and our surrounding counties which means it covers very few miles to reach us and is in peak condition when you buy it.


Seasonal food looks better, tastes better and benefits our local farmers and growers. We work with local producers to get their produce at its best so you can buy the freshest local food when it is meant to be eaten.

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