Our Dairy uses milk from our own Friesian-Holstein cows to create cheese, butter, yoghurt and ice-cream. Dudley and Paul hand make all of our cheeses using traditional methods and it is all matured on beech racks in the Food Centre’s cheese store. The cheeses include:

The Cheese With No Name

Our top selling cheese and the first we ever made, it is created in the style of a Camembert. With a mild and creamy taste, it is easy to eat and is incredibly moreish.

Truffle Cheese with No Name

Great Taste Award 1 Star Winner 2017 A layer of black truffle adds extra decadence to our cheese with no name to create a rich yet subtle difference.


Our cheese with no name is mildly smoked to create this distinct tasting creamy and smoky cheese.

Remembered Hills

British Cheese Awards Bronze Winner 2017 A traditional blue cheese similar to Stilton. This cheese gives a rich, salty flavour with a crumbly texture.

Oakly Park Traditional Cheddar

Traditionally matured with a cloth wrap for 14 months, this cheese retains creaminess whilst giving a more complex depth of flavour.

Oakly Park Vegetarian Cheddar

Whilst traditionally matured with a cloth wrap, this cheese is not matured for as long as the traditional cheddar and so has a creamier finish.

Bromfield Priory Creamy

British Cheese Awards Silver Winner 2017 A smooth and mild cheese that is traditionally matured in a cloth wrap. It is made in a similar style to a Cheshire and Lancashire with a subtle citrus after taste.


British Cheese Awards Gold Winner 2017 and World Cheese Awards Bronze Winner 2016 A semi-soft cheese that is rind washed with cider brandy to give a strong smell whilst being mild and creamy in taste.

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