Our Customers

We believe our customers are the most important part of our business. Every member of the Food Centre team works to make our customer experience as good as it can be whether it is a meal in our restaurant or advice at our deli counter. We value customer comments and many suggestions that have been made over the years have been implemented to improve the Food Centre for you. These are just some of the comments we have had from customers, visitors and our community.

"...I bring three ladies with me on a regular basis which we regard as a treat, having lunch first at the excellent cafe and then on to the shop. The staff are pleasant, helpful and the food is superb. Long live LFC!..." (Mrs Hadley)

"...We have never been to a place which produces the sort of standard you would get in the very best shops in France, where they know about good food. The prices are astonishing for the quality. Please keep it up!..." (Andrew)

"...It’s always a pleasant experience shopping at LFC, who needs supermarkets?..." (Susan)

"Thank you once again for talking to our students and showing them the Food Centre. They all enjoyed the visit" (Ludlow College)

"Thank you for the wonderful informative visit you gave to members...the tastings were delicious ‘Proper Food’...it was such an enjoyable experience" (Shropshire WI)

"...I enjoy stopping here after going backwards and forwards from Wales..." (Rebecca, aged 7!)

"...The best Mocha coffee ever.." (R.A Burgess)

"...What a lovely place, wish it was closer to our home in the Isle of Wight!..." (Sue & Graham)

"...Really nice and clean, lots on offer. Nice selection of special and unusual foods..."

"...Ludlow Food Centre perform consistently well in our mystery shopping reports. They provide excellent customer service..." (Jonathan Winchester of Shopper Anonymous UK)

"We here in the U.S. simply do not have the marvellous marmalades that are available in England. Perhaps because I am originally a native of Boston, Massachusetts in New England, I have always cherished good, a bit tart, rind-filled marmalades. I thought I went to heaven when I purchased some Tiptree marmalades at Fortnum & Mason several years ago...a couple of which are available here in the US. However, on a trip to England last summer, again visiting F&M, I found Ludlow's Hand Cut Seville Orange Marmalade...and decided to give it a try. OH MY!!! How marvellous it is!!! And I am sending you this email for two reasons: 1. To express my joy in discovering such a wonderful product. 2. To ask whether your product(s) is distributed in the U.S.? If not, do you ship internationally? If neither of the above in question two above is yes, I do hope your product remains available through F&M. Thank you for such a quality product and experience." (Roger, Ohio, USA)

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