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Ice Cream Cabin Closed This Weekend - 07/09/2018

Ice Cream Resized

Unfortunately due to the Food Festival the Ice Cream Cabin will be closed this weekend. Drinks can be purchased from the Food To Go Counter or Ludlow Kitchen.

Extinct territorial cheese resurrected from over 100 years ago - 30/10/2017

shropshire cheese

Our Dairy Manager, Dudley Martin has spent the past two years piecing together clues and titbits of information, like a historical jigsaw puzzle, to resurrect an extinct cheese, known as ‘Shropshire’.

Dudley has a passion for classic British territorial cheeses and his inspiration for his latest cheese came from a single historical piece of information regarding an old dairy in Ludlow and the long since forgotten Shropshire cheese it once produced. Having sifted through historical records, every document from 1562 to 1912, told us something about Shropshire cheese. The key was getting to grips with the fundamentals of this historic cheese – its size, methods of production and how long was it matured, with the aim of producing a cheese that is an authentic interpretation of the original.

Dudley was unable to find a definitive recipe for Shropshire cheese, so he looked at known similarities to Cheshire cheese - how it was made in the past and how it evolved. Records gave indications as to the size of Shropshire cheese and we knew that it would have fermented naturally as a result of the raw milk microflora - there were no starter cultures in the 18th century! Before attempting the first vat of Shropshire Cheese, 9 months was spent carefully culturing and re-culturing his own natural starter that would allow the cheese to be a truer replication of the original. Dudley has made two seasonal variants - Winter and Summer, using the natural colourants, carrot juice and marigold, which were commonly used in the period 1750 - 1800 when Shropshire cheese was in its heyday.

The Shropshire Cheese is crumbly in texture, its closest cousin was the long-ripened Cheshire (itself extinct) which was rich, buttery, soft and crumbly. A more contemporary comparison is a tasty Lancashire although the Shropshire is gentler and subtler. Dudley hopes that Shropshire cheese can find its niche within the wider group of crumblies, whilst displaying a richness and old-fashioned character all of its own.

Jon Edwards, our Managing Director said: “I am extremely proud of Dudley and the dairy team for their hard work, huge effort and determination in bringing back to life a big part of this county’s wonderful cheese heritage, the Shropshire cheese.”

Dudley Martin, our Dairy Manager said: “Many people have asked me why I have decided to resurrect Shropshire…I think curiosity is the most important attribute of a cheesemaker! Curiosity led me here, and a little pride too. I am very proud of this region, and its food, so when we discovered Shropshire had its own forgotten cheese variety with a 350-year history, we were keen to learn as much about it as we could, to see if it would be possible to recreate this food from the past. I have discovered some fascinating stuff along the way, and the process has taught me so much about British cheesemaking history.”

Shropshire cheese is now available to purchase exclusively from our dairy counter following its official launch as the Winter variant has been matured for 10 months and is ready for everyone to enjoy.

Food Hall Butchery Business of the Year 2017 - 15/11/2017

John Food Hall Butchery Business of the Year

Our Butchery department, headed by John Brereton was announced as the ‘Food Hall Butchery Business of the Year 2017’ at the prestigious awards ceremony in London, coming out on top to beat competition from finalists Delifonseca Dockside in Liverpool and Fodder Food Hall in Harrogate.

The nation’s finest butchers gathered on Monday 6th November at County Hall in London to celebrate the best industry has to offer at the Butcher’s Shop of the Year awards.

The annual Butcher’s Shop of the Year awards reward excellence and innovation in butchery in independent butchers, food halls, farm shops, new butchery businesses, halal, online butchery, and innovation of the year. A special award was also given to the young butcher of the year, in memory of industry legend Marco Peerdeman who passed away earlier this year.

Aidan Fortune, Deputy Editor at Meat Trades Journal said: “The awards are a great opportunity to get noticed. So much of the hard work in the butchery industry goes unsung and unseen by the public, so if you can even be a finalist in an award like this it’s a fantastic achievement.”

John Brereton, Butchery Manager at Ludlow Food Centre said: “Winning this prestigious award is a great reward for all the hard work that our team put into producing the products and displays, and a great testament to the fine produce from our own farms. I am delighted that this has been recognised by this renowned and sought-after accolade.”

For more information on some of our butchery products visit our online butchery department and for more details on Butcher’s Shop of the Year awards and to view this year’s winners from all categories visit Butcher's Shop of the Year.

We need your help...please vote for us! - 25/09/2017

FSDA 2018

It's that time of year again when we need your help!

PLEASE VOTE for us in the Farm Shop & Deli Awards 2018
and NOMINATE us to be shortlisted in 'The Rural Oscars'.

We would love to be crowned Farm Shop of the Year - Large retailer! So please vote for Ludlow Food Centre!

Countyside Alliance Awards or also known as 'The Rural Oscars' is everything we are about here at Ludlow Food Centre...We would love to be recognised for our hard work and dedication and if you feel we deserve a shot then please go onto the Countyside Alliance Awards website and nominate us.

Voting is quick and easy - simply click on the links below, complete the online voting form and submit your vote.
All online voters will be entered into a prize draw to win a food hamper!

Vote for us in the Farm Shop and Deli Awards
Voting deadline October 31st.

Nominate us in The Countryside Alliance Awards
Nomination deadline November 13th.

Congratulations Gemma! Our Fun Day competition winner! - 29/08/2017

Fun day competition winner

CONGRATULATIONS to Gemma, our Fun Day competition winner! She was thrilled to pop in with the kids & collect her £200 worth of vouchers!

Our show-stopping pie impressed the panel at the Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards - 04/08/2017

Great Taste Awards 2017

Following more than 60 days of judging, the results of the world’s most coveted food awards, Guild of Fine Food Great Taste, have just been released, with many producers in the Midlands now celebrating. Out of a record breaking 12,300 products to be judged, 4,347 were awarded a highly prized Great Taste accolade and a remarkable 305 are based in the Midlands.

One of Great Tastes 3-star winners from the Midlands includes; a “generously filled” Cutting Pie from Ludlow Food Centre, which is “wrapped in well-seasoned pastry” and packed with local turkey, Gloucester Old Spot ham and redcurrant sauce. As well as Ludlow Food Centre’s Turkey & Ham Cutting Pie gaining 3 gold stars, their Gloucester Old Spot Chorizo won 3 stars, Smoked Back Bacon won 2 stars along with their Luxury Hot Chocolate and their Truffle Cheese With No Name won 1 star.

Managing Director Jon Edwards said “The Great Taste awards are the UK food producers Oscars, something that we all aspire to win but only the very best succeed. To have a product win a gold star tells our customers that they can buy with absolute confidence that it will not only deliver but exceed their expectations, that the product has been through one of the most vigorous judging processes in the industry and blind tasted by some of the most passionate foodies in the UK.
To win a gold star is wonderful, to win with 2 or 3 gold stars is exceptional and this year has been exceptional, having won five awards of which four are 2 or 3 stars really is a huge achievement, it’s also a reflection of the knowledge, passion and drive that our team have to deliver some of the UK’s very best food! Such an inspirational place to work.”

While Ludlow Food Centre revel in their success and begin displaying the unmistakable gold and black Great Taste logo, with 1-, 2- or 3- stars, on their award-winning products, they will wait with much anticipation to see if they also scoop the top awards for their region. These final honours, including the Great Taste 2017 Supreme Champion, will be announced at the Great Taste Golden Fork Awards Dinner on Monday 4 September, to be held at the Intercontinental Park Lane Hotel, London.

Recognised as a stamp of excellence among consumers and retailers alike, Great Taste, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, values taste above all else, with no regard for branding or packaging. Whether it is gin, biscuits, sausages or coffee being judged, all products are removed from their wrapper, jar, box or bottle before being tasted. The judges then savour, confer and re-taste to decide which products are worthy of a 1-, 2- or 3-star award.
The panel of judges this year included; chef, food writer and author, Gill Meller, MasterChef judge and restaurant critic, Charles Campion, author and Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen chef, Zoe Adjonyoh, baker, Tom Herbert, and food writer and baking columnist, Martha Collison, as well as food buyers from Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges, and Harvey Nichols. These esteemed palates have together tasted and re-judged the 3-star winners to finally agree on the 2017 Top 50 Foods, which will be announced in August, the Golden Fork Trophy winners and the Great Taste 2017 Supreme Champion.

Details of this year’s winners can be found at www.greattasteawards.co.uk.

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Extinct territorial cheese resurrected from over 100 years ago

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