The Butchery department is very much at the heart of the Food Centre. John and the team have complete control of all the meat we sell because it is reared on the Estate using feed we grow and slaughtered only 6 miles away at Griffiths of Leintwardine. We transport it ourselves and it is matured and prepared in the Food Centre. The Estate also provides a seasonal selection of game including Pheasant, Partridge and Venison. Our poultry is all sourced locally and we only sell and use free range chicken. To complete our meat range is the Estate’s Rose Veal which is reared responsibly and wonderfully tender. The range of meat from the Estate includes:

Rare breed Gloucester Old Spot Pork

Our Gloucester Old Spot pork comes with a little more fat than the modern landrace pigs but the flavour and delicacy of the meat is second to none. It is the only pork we sell and we use it in all our sausages and pork products.


We only sell and use our own beef which is reared on the Estate. Because we butcher whole carcasses there is always a selection of traditional cuts such as brisket along with the more common fillet, sirloin and rump steaks. We rear Hereford and Limousin varieties of beef cattle because the texture and the flavour of the meat is some of the best available.

Rose Veal

Our Rose Veal is produced to the highest welfare standards and has pink, not white, flesh that is tender and delicately flavoured. The RSPCA gives high-welfare veal its approval and would like more meat-eaters to buy it so if you fancy a change why not give it a try.


Our lambs roam the Shropshire countryside and are moved around the Estate regularly to graze freely. The taste and texture of our lamb varies with the seasons so you will find melt in your mouth spring lamb in May and really flavoursome lamb in the autumn. We rear Lleyn and North Country Mule varieties which we believe have the best flavour.


We only sell free range chicken, duck, turkey and goose. These are sourced from Springfield Farm in Herefordshire, and Goodman’s Farm in Worcestershire.

Venison & Game

A large variety of seasonal game comes from the Estate but be quick because it sells quickly. We always have estate venison on offer and our butchery team will be happy to help you pick out the right cut.

Bacon & Gammons

All our bacon & gammon joints are cured at the Food Centre by our head butcher John Brereton and the team. They are all dry cured and aged to ensure they are amongst the tastiest hams available. John also smokes all our bacon at the Food Centre using chippings from our Estate. He has proved our bacon is the best by winning Britain’s Best Smoked Bacon in 2012 and also winning a coveted Top 50 product at the Great Taste Awards.


We love sausages in Britain and every day 5 million of us eat a sausage. Why don’t you take a look at our sausage menu that is full of traditional and slightly more experimental varieties not to mention our range of award winning sausages. All our sausages are made with our rare breed Gloucester Old Spot pork to ensure they have a great flavour and texture.

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