Our bakery team bake fresh bread and cakes from scratch 7 days a week, so if you are shopping in the morning you will find the bread is still warm. We also hold weekly tastings that alternate so our customers can sample a variety of products. Hazel leads a team of passionate bakers who start at 3.30am to make sure we have a vast array of speciality breads and cakes every day. They make a fantastic selection of cakes including our multi-award winning Victoria Sponge. Our sour dough is made with a 21 year old mother dough which gives it a bespoke flavour that you have to try. Our bakers are always innovating and experimenting so you will find at least one seasonal product. At the moment, Hazel and her team are preparing to launch a new Lemon and Lime Focaccia alongside Chelsea Buns and a Mocha Cake. We also have a new bakery counter that showcases our bread, fresh cream cakes and patisseries. Staff are on hand to answer any queries and will even give tips on baking. We have an open entrance into the bakery so customers can watch daily activities ranging from kneading dough, to decorating our Red Velvet Cakes.

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